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Regenerative Consultancy and Services

We provide high quality support from design to implementation. We are driven to making regeneration possible, pragmatic and beautiful. We are committed to making this way of enterprise, farming and living the new norm. 


Business and enterprise support

We are in a time when we urgently need more bold and visionary organisations and businesses that can regenerate and provide real solutions. But these enterprises also need to be functional, look after their people well and be financially viable in todays world, if their impact is to be long term, transformative and enjoyable. Whether you have a start up idea, passion or an established business, we can support you to bridge the gap between values and actions, and help your business to thrive in its holistic context. We can support with business planning, finances, cashflow, visioning, budgeting and marketing. Appropriate tools and templates will be bought in to support you to do this work long term, and to free up capacity for your enterprise to reach its potential.   

Landscape and Permaculture design 

I've been lucky to be involved in designing and supporting dozens of farms, market gardens and start-ups. The design process for this work has been rooted in Permaculture, an ecological design science that applies the simple ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair shares to design productive and resilient landscapes, farms and communities. The set of 12 design principles can be applied with a 'SADIMET' design process to a wide range of projects of different scale. 


Regenerative Growing and Market Gardening 

Having established many market gardens and supported over 12 small-medium scale farms, I have integrated the key lessons, bottlenecks and factors for success into a holistic formula for farm thriving. Covering a range of topics from no-till growing to soil health to crop planning, I would be happy to support your regenerative growing journey - I want to see more small farms thrive and model this more beautiful, pragmatic and ecological way of producing food for community.  

Teaching, workshops and facilitating 

Whilst young on my teaching journey, I Have now taught permaculture for 6 years and run 3 years of successful apprenticeships on all topics within Regenerative Growing. I approach teaching from a holistic and non-hierarchical approach, balancing the Head, Heart and Hands for truly transformative learning together. I am passionate about inspiring and empowering new (and old!) growers to realise their own gifts and take their visions from seed to reality. I can offer teaching on a range of specific topics, or offer my services to facilitate a day workshop for a team or organisation. 


How it works - 3 phases



Sensing and Responding (the Heart)

Understanding your context and needs. Book an initial call so that I can sense and respond, by asking the right questions and exploring together from a place of mutual understanding, listening and perspective offering. Meeting you where you are at, and sensing into the critical nodes for leverage and regeneration.  establishing a vision and aim for the regenerative shift or the service required. This phase involves building a relationship of trust. 


Survey and Analyse (the Head)

Gathering information and survey the holistic context, farm, business or project. Getting into the details and numbers to understand the growing systems and/or economic and governance systems in place, to analyse the bottlenecks, challenges and opportunities. Finding the key levers for transformation and building on current foundations for success. Analysing key areas to optimise and focus on to meet the clients aims within their holistic context. 


Pragmatic Action and Regeneration (the Hands)

Translating vision into action. Working with the client to come up with pragmatic recommendations, invitations and proactive plans. Empowering and building capacity to qualitatively grow the project/farm/business to its potential. Engaging with the people, resources, tools and equipment that will enable and catalyse this action. Regenerating mindset and approach to optimise farming/growing/operating systems for ongoing success. 

Our commitment to people, place and planet 

We believe in making the regenerative shift a viable, accessible and successful route to choose - a no brainer for finances, sustainability and people-care. To embody and model these principles we do the following:

  • As a Community Interest Company, we reinvest profits back into people and planet, to further the regenerative ripples in society, farming and economy. We put 5% of all profits into our community tree nursery (grown from locally collected seed) and 5% of profits into a training fund to support new landworkers, regenerators and solutionists into this field (literally!). 

  • Paying our team a reasonable and responsible rate to live well, honour their gifts and deliver a quality service based on experiences and insights. We charge an average of £28/hour for our staff input time, a £238 day rate for our services. An investment and responsibility that we hope pays off many times through society. 

  • We offer 'bursary consulting' and solidarity support for small farms, regenerative businesses and charities - if you cannot afford the rates please get in touch to discuss your project needs within your budget. We believe that everyone should be able to access the inputs needed to make their work thrive. 

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