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My Regenerative journey

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My story in brief 

My regenerative shifts began when I moved onto a small narrowboat at age 16, my first independent home! Learning hands on the cultures and practice of Earth care and People Care, I began living the question of how my gifts, passions and responsibilities can intersect beautifully. Alongside 4 years studying social change, economics and sustainability, then a Masters in Regenerative Food, Farming and Enterprise, I have been on a parallel journey with land, growing and practical regeneration. Amongst other start-ups and projects, my core work has been establishing Middle Ground Growers CIC from a single seed, an idea, into a successful regenerative farm and 200-member veg box scheme, employing 7 people and training 3 new growers every year. Combining the practical skills to start and manage a farm (the Hands), with the understanding of economics, social change and psychology (the Head), and the lived experiences of movement building, governance, community and people care (the Heart).

The fuller story 


Beginnings / seed

I was raised by practical and nurturing hands, by a gardener and a plumber/builder! I developed a love of food, practical work and the outdoors, with abundant garden produce and allotment always in picking distance. At age 16 me and my mum found a way to realise our dreams and live on canal boats, exploring more sustainable and community living. This connection to nature and community from a young age has been the basis of my regenerative work, something I hope for all young people.  



From my small solar powered narrowboat I completed secondary school qualifications (A*A*AA) whilst beginning work in gardens, farms and landscaping locally to pay the bills and live independently. 

I then embarked upon nearly 2 years of pennilless travel and work to explore an incredible world of solutions, earth cultures and good people, giving me a fundamental belief in humanity and regeneration. Travelling with my permaculture and ecology books, I hitch-hiked, wild camped under the stars (or monsoon, or desert dust!) and made connections wherever I went. I worked and volunteered on a huge range of farms and community projects, meeting some amazing regenerators and everyday heroes on our planet Earth.  



Returning home inspired, wide-eyed and restless to act, I threw myself deeply into community projects, farm work, growing and volunteering. Began studying Social Sciences at Bath University including economics, sustainability and social change. Meanwhile balanced being a full-time environmental activist, running a market garden and 2 part time jobs..! I emerged from this whirlwind time somehow with top marks and a First, thanks to a now published dissertation on Prefigurative and regenerative action in social change. 
The main focus and passion of this time was however my growing market garden and growing enterprise, selling to local shops and delivering veg boxes to our community by Bike - enter Middle Ground Growers CIC! 



I began to really root in place and co-create long-term projects for people and land. Middle Ground Growers takes off, raises £105k in 10 weeks crowdfunding, co-purchases land for growing and regeneration, implements an Ecological Farm for Bath vision. 

Meanwhile studying Regenerative Food, Farming and Enterprise MSc at Schumacher College, upskilling my regenerative practices, soil expertise and farm consultancy capacity. 

In these recent years I have catalysed and founded various food and land projects & enterprises including We Are Avon - a roadmap for bioregional regeneration, whilst supporting dozens of new grower , farms and regenerative projects across the UK. 

In 2023 I was an NFU Student and Young Farming Ambassador, engaging with a range of farms, businesses and institutions to gain insight into the food & farming landscape of the UK. 

2023 onwards 


My evolving mission is to support the emergence and thriving of dozens of farms, CSAs, market gardens and businesses across the UK. To ensure that the regenerative path that society must take is also practical, values-based, collaborative and enjoyable. 

​I cherish my bread & butter - working on the land and my continuing role as Head grower and Training co-ordinator at Middle Ground Growers. 

I am now running regular workshops, consultation and courses on Market Gardening, Regenerative Economics, Agroecology and Soil Health. 

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