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Workshops 2024

in 2024 we are running a 'Regenerators' course alongside the Middle Ground Growers traineeship and a range of short courses, to create a truly regenerative learning and growing community. Full options and prices are at the bottom of the page, please get in touch with any questions!

The Regenerators course is made up of the 12 modules below including a workshop on the first Friday of every month 10.00-16.00. Most workshops are run by Hamish Evans and the MGG team, with some guest speakers on certain topics. You can sign up for individual workshops or the whole course .


We have sliding scale ticket pricing options available, with 40% off for low income individuals or new entrant growers. Please get in touch if you have any dietary or other needs for the workshops! We look forward to welcoming you to the farm and taking the regenerative leap together!

Regenerators Course


01. Market Gardening masterclass

Friday 3rd May

  • Introduction to regenerative market gardening

  • Growing organically and profitably

  • No-till and min-till systems 

  • Crops, methods, protection  

  • Tools 

  • 5 key techniques

02. Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture 

Friday 7th June 

  • Understanding regenerative Food and Farming

  • Basic soil testing and analysis 

  • Factors in soil health 

  • Soil food web 

  • Regenerative practices 

  • Regenerating mindset 


03. Economics and Regenerative Enterprise 

Friday July 5th

  • Economics of growing 

  • Factors for success; optimising growing and business systems. 

  • Financial tools 

  • Business planning 

  • Crowdfunding and collective funding models

04. Practical Skills for Regeneration

Friday 2nd August

Join Sammy Elmore for a day of practical learning and real-life skills for a regenerative transition.

  • Water cycles and irrigations systems

  • Infrastructure

  • Machinery use: BCS training, Tractor training, compost spreader, tractor implements

  • Market garden and specialist tools training e.g. seeders, tilther, broadfork, griddler, compost spreader.

  • DIY & repairs for functioning regenerative projects 


05. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 

Friday 6th September

  • Introduction to the CSA approach, model and potential 

  • Overview of routes to market and sales options 

  • Designing a CSA or veg box scheme 

  • Factors for success 

  • Tools and systems for successful implementation

Friday 4th October 


06. Crop and Land Planning

  • Learn to create a basic crop plan and rotation 

  • Understand the importance and practice of crop planning

  • Mapping into reality and implementing a plan.

  • Developing sowing, growing and implementation plans and calendars 

  • Using simple online and organisational tools 


07. Regenerative Cultures and movement 

Friday 1st November 

To truly initiate the transformative shifts in society and ourselves, we need to go beyond the technical and practical skills and balance these with the foundations and values for a regenerative culture. This workshop will explore the underlying roots of regenerative systems including the 7 Principles of Regeneration and the frameworks for Regenerative Design.

Throughout the day we will explore and live the questions: 

  • How we can we thrive in our regenerative projects as individuals, groups and movements?

  • What does place-based regeneration feel like and what culture underpins this?

  • What tools do I need for my project, group or organisation to thrive?

08. Collaborative farming

Friday 6th December

​The future of regenerative is and must be collaborative. In reversing the shift towards one man in a tractor on thousands of intensive acres, the Collaborative Farming Model returns to the roots of food: Community.  

  • Collaborating for success and resilience 

  • Business & organisation

  • Structure & governance

  • Roles, mandates & responsibilities 

  • Visioning & making it happen together 

  • Conflict transformation & facilitation


09. Permaculture design 

Friday 10th January 2025

  • Permaculture introduction

  • Ethics and principles of design 

  • Design process 

  • Applying permaculture at scale

10. Perennial crops 

Friday 7th February 2025 

  • Introduction to perennial philosophy and Restoration agriculture 

  • Growing Perennials in the Uk 

  • Commercial perennials and economics for successful start up 

  • Practicalities of growing and managing perennials


11. Bioregional Food Systems 

Friday 7th March 2025 

  • Introductions to Food Systems 

  • UK food context and policy 

  • Regional food systems and community-led growing 

  • Producer co-operatives 

  • Land access and securing parcels for regeneration

  • Training and inspiration 

  • Movement building 

  • Identity as place-based Regenerators 

12. Regenerative Mindset 

Friday 7th April  

  • Holistic regeneration and the mindset shifts of our time 

  • Visioning and prefiguring a beautiful future 

  • Project presentations from MGG trainees and Regenerators  

  • ‘Making it Happen’ workshop on moving ideas into beautiful action in the world.

  • Going forwards and taking regeneration into the world 


Ready to take the Leap?

individual workshop sign up

Workshops cost £95 each including a delicious lunch from the land and refreshments and snacks during the day. Bursary and supported tickets are available.
Workshops run on the first Friday of each month, 10.00-16.00

Regenerators course 

Choosing to embark on the whole course and all 12 modules is the most cost effective and deeply immersive learning experience, an invitation to learn through the seasons with a learning community on the land. The full course is offered at £960, or £80 per month. Participants on the course also receive 1-1 project support, mentoring, additional learning opportunities and 20% off MGG veg boxes and farm produce.


Each year we run a 6-month paid traineeship from mid-May to Mid-November (2 days/week). An opportunity to learn about agro-ecology, market gardens and regenerative enterprises on a working farm. Trainees receive free Regenerators course content alongside many additional workshops, farm visits and learning opportunities.

In 2025 we can offer 3 spaces. Application deadline is 31st January 2025

Please read the handbook and apply

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