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Offering design, consultancy and implementation services for the regenerative shifts in agriculture, business and society. 


Hi! I'm Hamish, a regenerative farmer, designer and practitioner living in Somerset, UK. I founded EarthCare because I'm passionate about supporting farms, businesses and projects in their regenerative shift.

I believe in and practice a holistic approach to consultancy and offer a tailored service that senses and responds to the clients needs, alongside the needs of their community of stakeholders including the land itself.


The ultimate objective for me is to enable, facilitate, empower and catalyse the success of regenerative farms and projects across the UK. If the transitions of our time are to be impactful we need successful and thriving models. Through this we can transform our current challenges into a new global moment of hope and restoration. I weave together a team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners to support each initiative on a case by case basis. 


Together we can reach the positive tipping points for change and find our unique roles, gifts and services for this work. I work with clients to support them along this journey, from visioning (the Heart), to planning  (the Head) and implementation (the Hands). It is only when these three faculties come together that the truly regenerative shifts occur. These are three parallel paths to embark upon personally and collectively, a regenerative shift in values, mindset and action.


Ready to take the leap? 

Services for the Head, Heart and Hands of Regeneration

Business Planning and Enterprise Support

Landscape and Permaculture Design

Regenerative Farming, Market Gardening & Agroforestry 

Teaching, Workshops and Facilitation



I offer a range of services with support from a team of skilled regenerators, solutionsists and consultants. Let us know your needs and we'll work with you to unlock the solutions for personal and planetary thriving together. 

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